About us

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What is the Elevated Wellness Center?

Elevated Wellness Center is a peer driven organization with an intention to elevate the wellness of our community. We offer various services to help others reach higher level potential including:

  • nutrition coaching
  • one-on-one and small group fitness coaching
  • psychic services
  • alternative healing
  • herbal medicine
  • meditation
  • yoga

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What are we about?

At Elevated Wellness Center we believe that real wellness is a balance of success, health and happiness in mind, body and soul. By remembering that any true change must first come from within we promise to act as a pillar of light in a world that sometimes just needs a little illumination. Through a sense of humility, empathy and community we know we can change the world.

What can we do?

Nutrition Coaching 100
Personal Training 100
Action Planning 100
Mindfulness and Meditation 100
Health Supplement and Super Foods 100