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Through Developing the Mind

Doing what you love

Because you love to do it


Through Caring For The Body

Not just looking good

But FEELING good too


Through Nurturing the Soul

Because life is too short

To be anything else

Latest From The Blog

 Take Responsibility! 

It seems we are becoming a society of followers. We are born in hospitals, handed to health care “professionals” and imprinted with “going to the Dr.” or taking medication whenever there is something wrong with us. Then, we go to school and are put in classrooms, with the same curricula […]

Monsanto and The Importance of Buying Local

We need to ask the important question of WHO IS CONTROLLING OUR FOOD?
Monsanto started out as a chemical company. They are experts in poisons. They are now controlling our food. They created GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). They sell the farmer his seed, fertilizers, herbicide, and pesticides. Then Monsanto buys the […]

What’s happening?