Through Developing the Mind

Doing what you love

Because you love to do it


Through Caring For The Body

Not just looking good

But FEELING good too


Through Nurturing the Soul

Because life is too short

To be anything else

Someone who is “well” is at risk of experiencing any of the following:

Passionate Work 92%
Loving Relationships 97%
Rewarding Achievements 97%
Exciting Lifestyle 94%

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The Most Important Thing I Learned From 21 MMA Fights

I don’t have to tell most people that mixed martial arts  (MMA) can be a scary sport.

Anyone who’s watched it on TV, went to a live event or has practiced themselves can tell you that it’s pretty hard on the nerves.

I’ve fought 21 professional MMA fights in my career (now […]

How to Create an Action Plan

Throughout my years as a professional athlete, nutrition coach and entrepreneur I’ve come to realize some important aspects of setting goals and actually achieving them.

At Elevated Wellness Center in Halifax, where I work out of, we offer a special type of coaching called Wellness Mentoring and the core aspect of […]

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