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Through Developing the Mind

Doing what you love

Because you love to do it


Through Caring For The Body

Not just looking good

But FEELING good too


Through Nurturing the Soul

Because life is too short

To be anything else

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As a Reiki practitioner, I’m often explaining to people exactly what Reiki is. The word Reiki translates to “Universal Life Force Energy”. It refers to the Universal flow of energy, which exists in all things. Whether alive or inanimate, everything you see is composed of vibrating energy. Reiki focuses that […]

The Year to Discover Self-Love

It’s that time of year again when we all start to feel the intense pressure of having to actually make those changes in our lives we’ve been talking about for so long.

‘A new year, a new you’ is the catch phrase the media has got us chanting. It is the […]

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